Listing down some tips for getting the statement sofas for your home

Listing down some tips for getting the statement sofas for your home

  1. Let one furniture make the statement

Let only one piece of furniture make the statement in your home. If you have unique furniture all around then your home might lose its uniqueness and originality. Try to identify the furniture that would make a statement and let it shine. Adding too many statement furniture will not serve the purpose of making a statement.

  1. Take perspective

While revamping your decor take a step back and get a good look at your room. Try to play around with colours and patterns to uplift the room. Try not to add different shades of paints to one room. Have a blue print of your room in your mind. Play around with furniture types, upholstery etc.

  1. Focal point

Decide the focal point of your room. Do not clutter around the focal point or any corner of the room. Try to keep it simple and structured. But do not be afraid to incorporate your own style in the home – as it is the replica of your personality. Try to colligate two different interior styles. For example, you have a modern interior decor then you can add a vintage sofa to break from the modern design and give vintage feels.

Having a large room? Then your statement furniture should be a sofa. Adding a three seater or four seater sofa for large families in the large room would be better than adding several one seater sofas. A three seater sofa would make a better statement and not be lost in the view of a large room. You can also add unique center tables, chandeliers or stools for an appropriate impact but let the sofa make the statement.

Care needs to be taken for these statement sofas:

  1. Avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight or long exposure, as it may lead to fading of the upholstery fabric.
  2. Cleaning the sofa regularly is a must. If you are going to use a vacuum cleaner, then opt for the sofa brush nozzle to avoid any scratches on the surface.
  3. Use covers on the sofas for utmost care. Regular usage of a sofa can cause the upholstery like fabrics and leather to stretch. Covers help in minimising the stretching of fabric and hence the sofa upholstery will last long.
  4. To move the sofa, try to avoid dragging. It may damage the stainless legs of the sofa and also the flooring of the room. Try to pick the sofa and then move it.
  5. Avoid exposure to water or moisture for a prolonged period.
  6. Be careful with sharp objects near the sofa as it may cause tears in the upholstery.
  7. A tip to keep removable back cushions fluffier is to rotate them regularly. This will help in keep the cushions even throughout the sofa and provide proper comfort.
  8. Use a soft bristled brush to remove any small debris or dirt stuck on your sofa.
  9. If food or drink spillage occurs on or near your sofa, immediately wipe with a soft cloth avoiding damage to the upholstery. Use a soft cloth to wipe of any stains visible on the sofa.
  10. Premium fabrics are used to add colour and creativity in the room. These fabrics can easily be damaged with chemical cleaners and stain removers.

Step out of your comfort zone and monotonous design to uplift your personal space with some unique and exciting statement furniture. Do not compromise on comfort and functionality of the sofa. A statement does make a statement but it should also be comfortable and durable.

Every home needs a twist on old furniture or gets a brand new piece that your heart is set out on. Let your statement furniture be your comfort zone, your conversation piece – loved by one and all!

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Top 4 Budget WI-FI Repeaters for your Money

We all know having the best wifi is an accomplishment set out by many these days, and repeaters are here to do just that. Today, we take a look at the top four repeaters for your money!

Top 4 Best WIFI Repeaters for your Money

  1. NETGEAR N300

For around the cost of $30-$40, NETGEAR offers one of the most reliable and effective repeaters on the market, all for a pretty low price. It lengthens wifi signals to 300 Mpbs, which is quite the long range. It is simple to install and will give its consumer little to no issues for installation.

The power generated from the N300 is quite good, but won’t exactly match that of your router. This is due to the gap the SSID will go through from your router to the actual repeater device. However, this will happen with any repeater device, so it isn’t to be expected to outperform your main router. For the price of this device though, it’s quite shocking at how much it is capable of doing, for being a lower-priced repeater on the market.

Overall reviews of this product have made it to be seen as the best wifi repeater on the market, and for good reason. Reviews capitalize on the low price, long range offered, and simple installation to make it easily our top pick for a wifi repeater.


One wifi range extender that doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest, the MSRM is on the top of the market, despite not having a well-known name attached to it. Coming in offering 300 Mbps, similar to the NETGEAR N300, the MSRM’s range is lengthy, and again comes in at around $30-40.

What makes this unique however from other repeaters is the sleek black design. It looks magnificent, whether that be in your home or office. Also, the installation time is around 5 minutes, making it one of the simplest to perform on the market. Besides design, price, and range however, this grabs the number two spot due to how far the signal travels, and not because of distance. If you have thicker walls in your home or business that you need a wifi signal to travel through, the MSRM is easily your best bet, as it is designed to travel through thicker walls.

Reviews of the MSRM have again, all been positive. Many costumers have awed over the amount of range the MSRM is able to bring, covering every inch of the designated areas.

  1. TP-Link AC750

The cheapest in terms of price this list ($24), the TP-Link AC750 comes in at number three. What makes this product interesting is the technology built within it. It comes with smart signal indicator, which will aid you in finding the best-suited area for the repeater for maximum coverage.

The design is sleek, and the device isn’t bulky or shaped to be out of place. It will fit right in with any home décor or business. The range itself will extend out to about 10,000 square feet, and is equipped with three internal antennas. With that alongside the smart signal indicator, and range should be the least of your worries with this product.

Installation time can take a bit longer, 10-15 minutes on average, which still isn’t a lot. Reviews again have been mostly positive. Costumers of this repeater praise the range, and say it is one of the best wifi repeaters on the market. With the cost, it’s hard to argue that statement. However, the setup can be a bit confusing, especially to new consumers in the field. Overall however, if you are on a budget and shopping for a repeater, this is your best bet!

  1. NETGEAR AC1200

If you are looking for a powerful wifi repeater and aren’t too worried about cost, the NETGEAR AC1200 is the best option. Coming in around $60-$70, this deluxe wifi repeater is by far the most expensive on the list, but for good reason. It extends up to a whopping 1200 Mbps, making it cover the furthest range as well on this list.

Other than that however, everything else is default, wall plug, 1-port fast ethernet, etc…It also comes with though, 5 Ghz dual band, which isn’t available in models such as the N300, listed above.

The reviews, like every repeater in this list, have been positive. It is similar to the N300 in terms of practical performance and design, but just has much more range than its counterpart. For a home, unless rather large, I’d say the N300 or any other repeater listed above would do its job. However, if you are looking for a wifi repeater that needs to cover a massive space such as an office, then, the NETGEAR AC1200 is the way to go!