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7 Gears and Equipment You Need to Skyrocket Your Swimming Career

Swimming can either be a career or a simple recreational activity. It’s also one of the most accessible activities you can do whenever you want to. It has an excellent number of benefits not only to your body but as well as to your mind.

Once you engaged yourself into swimming, you’ll more likely get lesser possibility to have heart and other health problems, to feel stressed, and burning calories will be more achievable. So, will give you a mini-tour about the gears and equipment you need to full gear-up your swimming career. Read and find out by yourself.

1.     Kickboards

This swimming equipment is also referred to as swimming boards. Kickboards are the best help especially for those who are in the beginner’s level – though it can be also be used by the pros and average swimmers.

This swimming equipment allows you to aim your lower body, which aids you to work on your leg strength and boost your kicking styles. You will be able to use this equipment on all strokes but kickboards are majorly used on breaststroke, butterfly stroke, and freestyle.

2.     Swim goggles

Swimming pools or other bodies of water used for swimming can be harmful to your eyes for most of the time.  Not only that pools contain chemicals such as chlorine but natural bodies of water have microscopic creatures and may be contaminated.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to use swim goggles whenever you go swimming – whether you do it as a sport or a recreational activity. Moreover, it will help you stay longer and see clearer under the water.

3.     Swimming caps

Like your eyes, your hair needs some protection too when you’re dipping into the water, whether in a pool or open water. In order to that, you better get yourself first a good quality of swimming caps – compact, skin-tight apparel used in swimming.

This swimming gear has different types – silicone, latex, rubber, lycra/spandex, neoprene, and also custom made caps is slowly becoming a trend nowadays. Choosing and using the right swimming cap can reduce your drag.

These are the reasons for you to wear swimming caps:

  • In protection from the chlorinated water
  • Keeping the sun off the hair
  • To keep the earplugs in place
  • To keep your hair ofF your face while swimming

4.     Swimwear

Like any other sports, swimming also has respective attire. When it comes to swimming, whether you do it as a sport or as a recreational, you have to wear swimwear or most commonly known as a swimsuit.

There are different types of swimwear designated for men, women, and even children. Primarily, swimwear is designed to keep your body warm (this is in no effect in a heated pool) in many natural bodies of water.

5.     Nose clips

As a swimmer, you might not also want the chlorinated water to get into your nose since it’s really irritating and may hurt sometimes. No worries because nose clips are available and it’s really a must in any water activities.

Nose clips are also essential equipment for the beginners since there’s always a stage where you can’t just figure out the proper breathing and so on – especially when learning front crawl.

6.     Earplugs

To prevent earaches or certain ear infection commonly known as “swimmer’s ear”, you’re advised to wear earplugs whenever you go for a swim. Again, this is advised whether swimming is a sport or a simple recreational activity for you.

Earplugs are usually made of either first-class plastic material or malleable silicone. Aside from having ear problems, earplugs’ main function is to keep your ears away from the chlorinated water and its irritating feeling.

7.     Pull buoys

This figure-eight shaped floatation equipment is made of solid foam which you squeeze between your thighs. These can also be put between the ankles.

This is to give support to your body without kicking your legs. Swimming with pull buoys lets you focus on training just the arms and enhancing both endurance and upper body strength.

So, you can now start getting these gears and equipment to kick-start your swimming career. Always keep in mind that there are important because most of it provides protection to your exposed body parts when swimming. If you have more to say or thoughts to share, you’re welcome to share it with us.