Feel the Heat: The Women’s Swimwear Trends That Will Dominate Summer 2018

Summer is coming, and during this season, there are many best things such as basking in the sun and enjoying a good dip in beach waters. If you are bracing for the season, you should also prepare yourself for the beach fashion trends that will surely be the hot thing this summer.

Ditch that old swimwear that you always wear when you go on swimming. For you to show off that sexy curves of yours while you enjoy the heat, here are the latest women’s swimwear that you should wear to add up to the hotness of the season.

Extra Sexy One-Piece Swimsuits

If you are the type of person who frequents the beach every summer, perhaps you know that one-piece swimsuits do not go into favor with some modern women. But perceptions of a sexy swimwear took a turn nowadays, probably due to the craze about the Baywatch-inspired and T-Rivera swimwear.

You can find that many of the one-piece swimwear nowadays is done with mastery. Take for instance the wonderful cutouts and the sexy neckline plunge designs, and there is no doubt that you will change your perception of one-piece swimwear.

Shiny, Shimmering Swimwear

Any swimwear that reflects light can either be an excellent fashion feat or a striking failure. But cast away your fear now of any beach style blunder while wearing a shiny swimwear, thanks to the creativity and stylish ingenuity of designers that we have today!

You can go clad yourself in high-waist swimsuit with cleverly placed shining gold and silver streaks on the triangle bikini top. Or you can take a look at the designs by Rocky Gathercole that turns the shimmering swimsuits into something sexy and seductive.

Mismatched Bikinis

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to how you don your bikini. You can be creative about it as long as it does not ruin your overall beach style. For instance, you can mismatch your bikini set to achieve a unique style for yourself while you relish in the summer heat.

For you to mismatch your bikini set, you should make sure that you pair the pieces of different patterns and colors perfectly. You can choose to mismatch swimwear with captivating prints and earthy color pieces. Or, you can match a polka-dot bottom and an off-shoulder top to create a lively aura for yourself. If you want to make your waist look small then you can try some best waist trimmer belts on amazon.

Striped Bathing Suits

If there is any classic pattern for a swimsuit, it must be the stripes. That is why you should not disregard stripes, especially this coming summer because stripes will be one of the trends this hot season.

Stripes are perfect for both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. These stripe patterns can either cover the whole of the swimwear or creatively placed to make an alluring style.

Nowadays, you can find a high-waisted two-piece swimwear with a striped top as well as stripes that outline a strapless upper piece.

Vivacious Prints and Patterns

If you want to make a statement on your swimwear, you can well do it with clever and lively prints and patterns. Yes, printed wordplay is not only best for your tees, but also for your one-piece, two-piece, and cover-up swimwear.

There are also funny graphics that you can choose from among the amusing prints and patterns that will surely make your summer vacation fun.

High-Cut Swimsuits

High-cut swimwears are backed into the limelight, but this time with styles and designs that can suit every body type. A favorite piece way back in the 1990s, this style of swimwear is also ideal to wear this summer.

You can find several of this swimwear in light colors. There is also a variety that comes with a strappy bottom. Aside from the high-cut two-pieces, you can also try a high-cut one-piece swimwear that comes in jolly colors.

Swimsuits with Tassels

The trendy swimwear for summer 2017 makes its way into summer 2018: swimsuits that come with tassels. This style of swimwear varies in the size and type of the tassels, but there is no denying that the designers of tasseled swimwear are brimming with creativity.

You can look at the designs made by Ellie Madi, for instance, which were one of the top attractions at the Miami Swim Week. His designs of a one-piece swimwear come with adornment and feathery tassels that are perfect to make a runway of the white sandy beaches of your summer destination.

Swimwear Tied Strings at the Front

You can include front-tied swimsuits in the string category, and they are ideal to wear this coming summer season. There is a variety that has a ruffled top with tied strings at the front. The tops that come in lace and straps, on the other hand, are one of the most alluring designs among front-tied swimwear.

Aside from the designs mentioned above, front-tied bikinis also provide you a cool and sexy aura when you go for printed pieces. You can go for a bright-colored one with an appealing cutout and a print statement.

Athletic Swimwear

There is a myriad of options that you can choose for an athletic swimwear. Many of the options include different designs of surfer-inspired pieces and sporty bralettes. However, you can also find pieces that are not wholly intended for activewear but looks like it, such as the cold-shoulder top variety.

You can as well choose options that come with zippers that you can clad yourself in while you are going for a dip in the crystal clear waters.

Swimsuits with Belts or Suspenders

Someone would perhaps wonder, “why you need a belt and suspender for a swimsuit?” Well, the answer is that you need it for the sake of fashion. Fashionable swimwear such as swimsuits with belts and suspenders is fun to wear while you are on the beach. Also, the style that these types of swimwear give do not discriminate between different sizes.


Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year. There are many things that you can do during this season such as sunbathing and swimming. That is why you need to prepare yourself for it, especially when it comes to your swimwear. You can look for stylish swimwear that can pull off the beach style that you want in sites like Deal Wiki.

7 Reasons why you should buy a leather bag now

Handbags are not only a fashion accessory for women but also a great necessity. Whether you are a working woman, a homemaker, a mom, or a student, you surely need a few handbags in your closet to fit every fashion and style.

If you want a piece that’s not only convenient and durable but also classy and stylish, look no further than a leather handbag. It adds the extra spice to any outfit or style you are carrying. Moreover, investing in a one-of-a-kind piece is undoubtedly pleasurable.

The leather is a naturally classy and durable material. Whether it’s a bag, a jacket, clothing, or any other piece of leather accessory, its elegance is unmatchable. It has this fantastic quality of accentuating your style – no matter how unique it is. You don’t have to worry about matching it with your clothing or shoes. It’s a staple that does not need reasons for being a part of your wardrobe.

If you have been planning to invest in a bag for a long time, here are seven top reasons why a leather handbag is your perfect choice.

  1. Leather is durable

The durability of leather is arguably one of the most important benefits why you should buy a leather bag right now. It is particularly important if you regularly use your handbags.

Whether you pick a leather purse, a wallet, or a briefcase, you can easily avail its service for many years before you are ready for a replacement. Since the material is naturally durable, there are fewer chances of wear and tear because of its high quality.

On the other hand, synthetic bags would hardly last that long.

  1. More value for money

It’s not wrong to assume that leather bags will be more expensive than the regular synthetic ones but when you compare the cost-benefit factor, you will realize that a little more money means the bag that would last twice as long or more.

The pure leather is a high-quality material that is resistant to dry abrasion, fungal attacks, or dust mites. It’s an excellent option for a travel bag too because of its sturdiness. You can pack all your stuff in one bag without worrying about it tearing down.

In short, it offers excellent value for money, and you can use the same bag for years without any natural wear and tear.

You can even compare prices and find affordable and best quality leather bags at LeatherSkinShop.

  1. It’s ‘forever ‘

There’s no particular trend for leather. It’s a wardrobe staple – something you can wear all year long regardless of the fashion trends. No other material can match the chic and professional look that a leather bag offers.

No matter how old your bag is, it will remain fashionable. You can pair it up with a professional outfit or carry one with your regular wear. It can instantly upgrade any look you want to flaunt.

Whether your leather bag is natural, dyed, or colored, it has the potential to add a significant degree of class to your appearance. If you are too particular about the way you look, a leather bag is all you need in your closet right now!

  1. Variety

Unlike before, now you have tons of variety in leather bags. From hand wallets to tote bags, wristlets, messenger bags, sling bag, backpack, hobo, satchel, and shopping bag, there’s a great variety available nowadays to choose from.

You don’t have to stick to those traditional, same-looking bags that everyone has. Look around and do your research on the type of bags that are trending these days and you are definitely going to find the ‘leather version’ in every style.

Choose a style depending on your individual needs. If you are a working woman, you might prefer a briefcase-like roomy bag with multiple pockets to organize your things. Similarly, if you prefer it more on the casual side, pick a simple satchel or a tote bag.

Backpacks are lately getting a lot of attention too. Being super convenient to carry, they look super chic, classy, and adorable. With so much function and the perfect look, a leather backpack could be your next sagacious investment.

  1. High functionality

Versatility makes leather bags more functional. With so many styles available these days, you can pick the ones that are more suitable for your need.

Most of these bags come with detachable straps that you can use or remove according to your requirement. Also, with multiple pockets and zipper cases, these bags offer you more space to organize your things.

Whether you are strolling around the city or carrying a bag to work, a leather bag is your perfect companion. Not only it looks great but offers substantial functionality, which makes it more desirable.

  1. Low maintenance

No other material can outmatch the quality of authentic leather bags. Not only it has the strength to withstand fungi, moisture, and dust mites but also fire and ‎abrasion. They are not affected by agents and factors that could damage other materials.

These bags require minimal maintenance and do not need regular washing to appear new and fresh. In fact, people say that leather tends to look better as it ages. So instead of worrying about washing or re-dying your leather bag time and again, you can just make a one-time investment and enjoy the remarkable benefits.

  1. Great look

Leather bags are effortlessly stylish. Their natural texture and dyes make them elegant and classy. You don’t have to dress according to your bag choice. In fact, a leather bag looks good with everything.

If you are style conscious, a leather bag is a must-have. It’s the only bag you can own that you can grab-and-go without much thought or effort. Grab the one in style you prefer and pick a color that goes with most of your outfits.

Wrap up

So if you have been thinking to invest in a leather bag, now is the time. Consider the benefits mentioned above and do your research about the variety of leather bags available these days. The great look and performance of the leather bags are undoubtedly going to impress you.

Prom to the Next Level: Using the Trends of Spring-Summer 2018

Almost all junior and senior high school students look forward to this night. It’s the night when shy caterpillars suddenly become social butterflies. They spread their wings and spend the night enjoying their youth. They hang out with their friends and muster of the courage to speak to their crush.

It’s the night when girls become ladies. They dress up and wear elaborate and custom-made gowns. Boys become gentlemen. Ther rent a tux, brush up their hair and offer their arm to their partners. They take their time to find the best corsage for their ladies.

Most people think prom is only for the ladies since they spend more time and exert more effort to prepare themselves. In reality, prom is for everyone. It’s for the students, their parents and their teachers. It allows parents to look back on their youth while glancing how their children have grown. Meanwhile, the teachers get some time off the classroom and their lectures.

Prom Outfit for Guys

Though prom is an exciting event, it is also nerve-wracking as hell, especially for boys. They don’t have a manual to follow. There are no prom tux catalog or cheap formal suits for guys. It’s also a challenge to incorporate fashion sense into a prom outfit for two reasons:

  1. It will clash with your date’s outfit.
  2. It will be out of the scope of the theme.

Nevertheless, guys can still go for the style they want. Trends from spring – summer collection of 2018 includes a lot of wearable styles like for prom night. Below are some ideas to incorporate into a formal outfit besides wholesale bob marley.

1. Rainbow Suits

Business doesn’t have to mean black, gray, and white. There’s a wide range of color to use for your formal attire.

Head-to-toe Monochrome

The suit must be coordinated and tailored-fit. Choose a hue close to the suit’s shade for the shirt and shoes. The shirt with a shade or two lighter works well with dark toned shoes.

Dancing Shoes

The best prom attire is the that makes you feel comfortable. A soft T-shirt and sneakers are convenient options for dancing the night away. White trainers and v-neck is always the way to go.

Playful Vibe

Want to cut the serious look? Inject some life to the solid ensemble by adding some prints. Paisley and plaid are some prints that aren’t heavy on the eyes. Plus the dad look circa 1980’s is making a comeback.

Stop and Go

A contrasting suit and shirt are fitting too. Thinking of wearing a pair of green metallic loafers? Wear them with a pastel-hued blazer and pants. A moss green suit with some low red socks is something to try.

2. Luxe Fabrics

Lightweight and expensive fabrics aren’t only for ballgowns, long trails, and fitting bodice. Organza, organic linen, lace, satin, and velvet are some textiles used for menswear. Some masculine pieces of clothing have detailed patterns and beadings.

A velvet cardigan will complement hard and durable fabrics used for trousers such as denim and linen. Suits made of velvet are also prom superstars. MAke sure the ensemble is jewel-toned – emerald for the bold and wine for seduction.

3. Relaxed Formal

Though it’s tradition to wear a tux, fashion leans towards comfort. Some events like black-tie invites evolved and has more room for freedom and laid-back attire (unless specified).

A fitted blazer with a pair of comfortable sans holes pair of jeans, dress shirt and well-polished black shoes is enough. Dad fashion is becoming a trend embraced by fashion enthusiasts. To make it work, the parts of your outfit must be in the same league – same size or cut.

4. Tropicana Dreams

If the nineties where all about baggy clothing, smoking pipes, and hip-hop, why not try the Millenial scene – nature and travel? Take inspiration from plants, tropical sceneries, and outdoor lifestyle. Don’t be shy to wear a Hawaiian shirt to prom.

The floral or tropical print is a refreshing sight among bland neutrals. A white or creamy suit is a sight to behold. Put on a shirt with huge flowers or long tropical leaves. A fire printed button-down also works but break it off with something cool. Surfboards and beach prints are good too. Stay away from Luau girls and shorts unless the theme states Tropical Party.

The trick to bagging a new fashion trend is picking the elements you want and blend them with your existing wardrobe. A prom is a one-time event, but considering the outfit you will wear on the day expand your daily wardrobe choices. Remember to coordinate your outfit with your date to avoid mismatches. No one wants to start on a wrong footing during a date.

Other Prom Details


The outfit isn’t the only detail to prepare for prom night. There are transportation and other date details to plot. Most couples pitch in to pay for a service car if they don’t have a vehicle to use. Others invite their friends to hire a limousine. They can arrive in style, but it can be expensive. Thus, they must talk it through and make agreements ahead of time.


Nowadays, there’s the pre- and post game to consider. The game is prom while the pre and post parts can be the couple’s date. Some couples have dinner before the event even if there’s food at prom. Others extend their time together by having the date after it. It’s essential to plan these details and inform your date ahead of time.


Besides the activities of the night, the thing that makes your prom is special is how you treat each other. It may be the 21st century and gone are the traditional ways of invitation and courting. Still, being polite and courteous never goes out of style. Being respectful of the date’s parents and vice versa doesn’t only give cookie points. It is also a chance for a second date.

Prom can be a winter or spring formal. It doesn’t matter on which date it falls as long as you ready to try velvet suit, metallic shoes or bright pair of socks. Pastel, jewel-toned or solid blazers and pants can be the building blocks of the outfit. Start with them to figure out the rest along the way.