How to choose power tower?

How to choose power tower?

  • Take your time

You must take sufficient time to know about Power tower. Educate yourself by doing your homework first online. You can start your research with a reputable dealer or website. There you can ask the hard questions that you want to know.

Before buying power tower, think long term for both your goals and other family members. You have to decide where you will use it and how it will be used. You can choose it for only you and your family or for commercial use. So take as much time as you need.

  • Easily navigable console and screen of digital outlook

You have to choose the right machine in which you feel comfortable. My suggestion is to buy which is easily navigable and its screen is of digital. That’s way you can easily communicate with your machine and do your work out. Don’t forget to know how to start or other functions work from the seller of the shop.

  • Electric features

Many power towers have a spectrum of features to lure buyers ranging from fans and interactivity, to displaying calories burned. Consider what is important to you and how you will use it. The key is to look for electronic features that are both motivating and challenging. Look for an electronic package that will grow with you as you progress and one that will accommodate the needs of other users in your home. Make sure that you understand the electrical features and for further instruction you can use user manual.

  • Adequate motor

This has become one of the most confusing data points of all. Don’t be fooled by the bigger machines which are told better. In reality, a 2.0 and above continuous duty HP motor is sufficient for virtually any user if the other components are high quality. Look at the power tower as a system with matched components not just a unit with a big or quiet motor. You should go for medium power towers which have medium sized motor with less sound.

  • Test the equipments

If you choose to purchase online, try to find a way to test the equipment through a friend, gym, spa or hotel. Top brands of power tower often sell commercial products, so you can get a feel for their equipment somewhere else. Note that it isn’t really fair to retail sales staff for you to go into their store, take up their time then go purchase cheaper somewhere else. In which source you buy, you shouldn’t make any mistake about checking the equipments of your long desired power tower.

  • Find out best retailer

Make a list of local retailers who specialize in fitness equipment and which brands they carry. Many dealers exclusively sell certain brands. This is why it is important to do your research ahead of time. Specialty fitness dealers will likely have a more educated staff, higher quality equipment and the ability to assemble and service your product more effectively. If you can find out a quality seller, you will be benefited that him. You can ask in the fitness gym from where they buy their equipments. You can go for this also for your power tower.

  • Safety features

Look for basics like a safety key and belt speed that starts and stops in small, gradual increments. Make sure the power tower has console grips or other important instruments that are comfortable without being obtrusive. Can you run or walk comfortably without hitting them? Are they ergonomically located so that you can use them when you start or stop? Testing in the store for several minutes will help you choose wisely. Don’t be fool by the talking of the retailers. You must check it for your own good. Otherwise you can get hurt by your power tower while exercising.

  • Warranty

You must look for warranty and it will enhance the quality measurement of the machine. If the retailer gives you more years warranty, it proves that the product is good. But it depends lot more on how you use this. If you can use it normally without giving extra pressure, it will give more service than you expected while buying your power tower.

  • Maintenance

You should go for those power towers which are maintenance free. Although some basic care is advisable, you should not have to spend time lubricating and servicing your power tower after every workout. A well designed unit takes normal wear and tear into account so you don’t have to and helps save you time and hassle.

  • Expense

Power tower is not so expensive and its affordable prize will encourage you to have it in your own home. Before going to buy, you should take the specialists advice and search in the web for absolute prize. That’s way the retailers will not be able to fool you.

Last of all, buy a quality power tower and work on it. I am sure that it will be a great move of you for having a healthy and strong body. Its easy use features will inspire you to exercise on it in a daily basis. Hope you can find out the perfect power tower by applying those steps and rules. Take care and have a healthy life.

Author Bio: Katie Smith is the enthusiastic woman. She loves writing about workout and lifestyle on Reviewmoon.

7 Habits that are Making You lose Muscle, not Fat

People who decide to burn fat and lose weight are sometimes carried away by the number on the weight.

This nervousness surrounding their weight, causes them to make decisions that in the long run cut down muscle instead of fat. This is not healthy for anyone.

These are some of the habits that make them lose muscle instead of fat.

  1. Not getting enough sleep:

Due to responsibilities, most adults don’t get enough sleep. However, lack of sleep produces more cortisol in the body, creates hormonal imbalance, and makes you more tired. This means you can’t-do thorough workout. You will get tired too frequently. And worst of all, your body begins to burn muscle instead of fat.

You should make a healthy sleep schedule for yourself.

  1. Not eating enough protein:

A healthy diet must be incorporated into weight loss plan, this means, it’s not just cutting you’re your daily meal, but carefully planning your diet to eat the right amount of what is essential to your body. You are probably also eating less protein than your body needs. Protein food such as dairy, egg, and meat, help to build and maintain lean muscle.

Since weight loss workout also makes you lose muscle, protein is good for rebuilding muscles.

  1. Your calories intake is insufficient:

This one is dicey. The weight loss plan has a basic plan for you to eat fewer calories than you burn. However, if you burn too many calories than your body needs to function, i.e., to maintain, basal metabolism, your body gets the wrong message and enters into starvation mode.

Then, it starts drawing energy from your muscles, but you still lose weight and think you’re doing it right. This also makes you weak, which means you can’t-do a thorough workout.

  1. You don’t replenish yourself after workout:

As we have stated thus far when you work out, you burn both fat and muscle, however, what you want to burn is fat. Therefore, if immediately after your work out, you don’t replenish your lost muscle by taking protein, you will not gain back the muscles.

So as soon as you finish working out, eat and drink protein.

  1. You do too much cardio workout:

People are easily deceived by the quantity of time spent on a treadmill or spent jogging; they think it’s by doing a lot. Cardiovascular exercise is good but not great; slow cardio works out draws from your muscle. So you burn muscle instead of fat. It also reduces hormonal growth, hormones you need for burning fat. And it increases cortisol. So before you incorporate cardio into a workout, think which one and how often. You should consider high-intensity cardio workout instead.

  1. You are not doing strength training:

As we mentioned already, the right weight loss plan is not about burning muscle, it is to burn fat, and so if you are not stimulating your muscles in the workout routine you do; you definitely won’t gain muscle. This is why you should add strength training to your workout. Weightlifting develops and maintains more muscle. Muscle burns more energy than fat. Therefore weightlift is a good plan.

However, strength training is best when combined with aerobic or cardio training.

  1. You don’t have ginger in your diet:

Add ginger tea to your weight loss diet. Ginger regulates cholesterol; it suppresses the production of cortisol.

The fat that grows around the body organ is called visceral fat. The visceral fat weighs down the body organs, creates a hormonal imbalance, and does a lot more damage to the body. However, ginger fights inflammation which is caused by visceral fat and sheds fat, especially belly fat.