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Ooty Mountain Railway fees had been raised !

The Ooty Mountain Railway, which has been recognized as a symbolic symbol by UNESCO, has been raised since October.

The international tourist city of Ooty is run daily from Mettupalayam to the hill station. The mountain rail is operated by a diesel engine ranging from Ooty to Coonoor and steam engine from Coonoor to Mettupalayam.

For the passengers traveling from Loddale, Kathi and Coonoor, The fee for booking Rs.10 The fee for reserved passengers from Mettupalayam to Ooty Rs.25, the fee for booking and traveling is at Rs.35.

Thus, the maintenance of mountain rail and salaried payments is due to various impacts to the Southern Railway management at Rs. Railway administration says it will lose Rs 24 crore. The Southern Railway has decided to increase the cost of the mountain train to compensate for this loss.

According to the raised fee, Mettupalayam first lady drawn up from Rs. 195 to Rs. 395. The second class booking fee is 30 rupees to 130 rupees and the advance class stage is increased from 15 rupees to 75 rupees.

Similarly, first line fee from Mettupalayam to Coonoor from Rs 174 to 295, second class booking fee from 25 rupees to 85 and second class advance fee from Rs 10 to 45 rupees. The raised fee comes into effect from 8th October.

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